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The public sphere is like a stage that regulates people’s behavior by perpetuating shame or by creating a spectacle out of what appears to be an anomaly. I am using the term “anomalies” to refer to those people that are both hyper-visible if they do not regulate their behavior and invisible if they do. I am interested in people who feel like they lack agency in mainstream public society because in some ways they are not conforming or they are questioning.!

The best case scenario with anomalies is that they are just seen as misunderstood, maybe a little pathetic. The worst case scenario is that they are seen as transgressing from the demands of mainstream society and they may be met with violent punishments. Pakistan
has unfortunately seen instances of such kinds of violence. The violence can exist in the form of social ostracism, being subjected to abusive language, cyberbullying, and various other pernicious forms of physical assault including honor killing and acid throwing. In my
art practice, I am interested in this conversation of the anomaly in the public space. I am interested in what it means to be completely blatant and rebellious in an almost deprecating assertion of self and desire.!

Recently I have been making work about objects, which people take for granted, but which have a specific role in the public space. The idea is to re-make these objects and draw attention to them by subverting their function.