Anti Cocoon

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Video/performance, 7 minutes 55 seconds, 2021

In this video, we are trying to explore what it means to live in a highly stratified world. Using the metaphor of overlapping geometries and intersecting spider webs, they analyse the effects of predatory systems that breed hierarchy. With the help of our choreographer, Marc Goldberg, we try to tell a story through body language and contemporary dance. Our video is an orchestration of dance, performative drawing, digital painting and a sonic field which straddles music and sound design.

As Ernst Fischer said in The Function of Art: “The raison d’être of art never stays entirely the same. The function of art in a class society at war within itself differs in many respects from its original function. But nevertheless, despite different situations, there is something in art that expresses an unchanging truth.”

Project Designers: Can Aksan, Chen Ma, YinHsuan Lee, Yangyang Ni, Zoya Currimbhoy