Elegant Warriors of Justice

Photo credits: Anna Shilonosova
This is a 2023 feminist, climate justice project that explores the intersection between gender, ecological sustainability, the urban landscape and mental health. Created as a collaboration between Australian artist, Elyssa Sykes-Smith, and myself, the project took the form of a large-scale multimedia installation designed in response to the holding cells at The Koppel Project Station, a former police station. The exhibition is accompanied by a public programme of events, talks and workshops which are free to the public.

Titled “Elegant Warriors of Justice,” our show aimed to disrupt this concrete jungle and bring vibrant artistic expressions to the city. Within the installation, the ‘Elegant Warriors of Justice’ were the sculptural features and public art installations that transformed the experience of the city. They took the form of sculptures, murals, integrated designs, open-air cinemas, graffiti, and more. Each public feature drew inspiration from the divine feminine, archetypes, or goddesses, allowing us to infuse the city with the wisdom of these incredible women through art. Our goal was to explore the role of art in creating a more sustainable world and their contribution to addressing complex societal issues.

In the last week of the show, we organized three creative workshops: a drawing workshop, a spatial workshop, and a performance workshop. Each workshop not only provided participants with insights into the creative mediums we were working with but also delved deeper into a theme explored in the installation. The drawing workshop focused on a conversation about city planning. The spatial workshop explored the role of public art and its impact on the community. The performance workshop employed the powerful practice of embodiment through movement and collective storytelling.