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My response to “Immerse/ہونا محو/sumergir”

This is a video repose to nayácircular’s first cross-border performance on the 8th of April 2018.

nayácircular is an international performance collective made up of Adriana Carpio (Perú), Hannah Priscilla Craig (USA/Spain), Zoya Alina Currimbhoy (Pakistan/USA), Emma Minkoff (USA), and Flor Nicolini (Argentina).


Our first collective action, “Immerse/ہونا محو/sumergir”, involved each of us entering a natural body of water (sea, lake, river e.c.t) at the same time in each of our locations (Perú, Spain, Pakistan, USA, and Argentina). “we are interested in immersing ourselves in a substance that flows freely, ignores borders, and connects us.”


The performance took place in the following locations, in the following time zones:

*6:30 AM, Playa Agua Dulce – Chorrillos, Lima, Perú
*6:30 AM, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
*8:30 AM, Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
*13:30 AM, Playa de Santa María, Cádiz, España
*16:30 AM, Karachi, Pakistan


This action was live streamed from a facebook event page.