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Whats in the Asian Art Gallery?

This performance is a satire on courtship, set in the Asian Art Gallery at The RISD Museum.
Two characters meet for the first time entering from opposite ends of the gallery.
One symbolizes the courter and the other the courted
One represents the West, the other the East.
One symbolizes the colonizer, the other the colonized.
One represents the lover, the other the exploiter, the giver, the taker.
As the two characters go through the gallery, they look at different objects from various parts of the ancient Eastern World, preserved here in the modern Western World.
Then He slowly removes his westerns garments and accessories from his body and tries to give it to the Her.
She hesitates but then begins to repurpose these same items back on to her body but in a way that is unique to her.
I wanted to use this performance to create an abject narrative in a post-colonial world.

Zoya Currimbhoy

This piece was a collaboration with my co-performer Marco Aguirre.