New Language/ Parallel Worlds

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This video contains documentation of a performance piece created by Zoya Alina Currimbhoy (me) and Hannah Priscilla Craig under the name of our performance collective “Two Broad” – 2019

Part 1 is called “New Language” (3 minutes and 33 seconds)
Part 2 is called “Parallel Worlds” (12 minutes and 14 seconds)

New language

Since October 6rd, 2018 to October 2, 2019, the two have us challenged communication with correspondence project that intended to create a new language. We sent emails to each other which contain no written text, just images of our bodies making shapes that communicated our feelings.

The written or spoken word is so often considered the absolute truth, but is it trustworthy? What gets lost in adhering to a structure that proceeds us? How do we unravel what is being communicated, and deconstruct what is being assumed in conversation. If a picture is worth a million words, can we say more? We subconsciously live in the nuance of our most dominant language, we think in the language. We allow the connections and associations to inform our thoughts, opinions and understanding of self. Language becomes synonymous with existence.

Parallel Worlds 

We looked back on our year long correspondences “New Language”, and we used that research, experimentation and narratives as material to devise a new live performance. This performance spoke about going through different stages of life and different stages of grief.