Polyrhythm (London)

Snippets from the 30 minute long live performance
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Inspired by the old story of the Tower of Babel, a narrative and collaborative structure was created that addresses the nuances of intellectual exchanges. Similar to a Polyrhythm, we layer individual creative expressions and voices.This performance creates a decentralised approach of experiencing a happening.

Festival Origin2 is produced by a collective of artists from the Interprofessional Studios at Architectural Association School of Architecture. The festival revolved around two live performances on opposite ends of the earth.

Cybersapiens in Shanghai and Polyrhythm in London. Both events had live attendees and was broadcasted online for international audiences. These live performances open up a discussion around the way we archive civilisations and recognisable patterns that are formed.

Both events in Shanghai and London activate space through blurring the boundary between the virtual and the real.

@aais_2020 @aais_interprofessionals @aaschool
AAIS Interprofessional Studios


Yin-hsuan Lee @shirine_lee
Can Aksan @can__aksan
Yangyang Ni @geiyouyou
Yi Yang @y_e_ang
Yunheng Huang @yunheng_huang
Chen Ma @chen._.ma
Yuyang Cheng @kevin_yangyang
Zoya Alina Currimbhoy @zoyaalinac


Vee @vnveengo
Greta Isufa @gretaisu
Hui Chen


Poetry by @wazupzai
Photography by Adriana Carpio Loayza @akiimmi